(This is a review of Conscious Mind, Resonant Brain: How Each Brain Makes a Mind)

On October 27th, 1864 a Scottish laird and polymath delivered a scientific paper to the venerable Royal Society in London. In keeping with tradition, it was read to the society’s distinguished members at a meeting convened a month later. The contents of this paper would forever change our understanding of the world, unifying electricity and magnetism. It would, more than any other idea before or after, also unify the world, unshackling communication from earth-bound wires and suffusing the skies with thoughts, hopes, desires, and TikTok…

Sai Gaddam

Founder @ Giffie; PhD, Computational Neuroscience, Boston U; BTech, IIT Madras; Co-Author: A Billion Wicked Thoughts (2011), Journey of the Mind (Feb, 2022)

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